Friday, April 13, 2012

Adopt a child - The next law after RTE.

The next law by state would be that it is duty of every parent to adopt a poor child. 
India is going down the drain. RTE is a disaster with severe consequences.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Listening to people views

I am going to start  a new activity on the blog. I am going to interview as many people on what they think are problems of India and how it should be fixed. The goal is to get insight into what people are really thinking.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are people fundamentally honest or system makes them honest ?

Discussions on ethics and system is always interesting. There is particular Indian view which I keep hearing in all discussions. There is a  belief, that people make the system and not the other way.  This is absolutely flawed for it is system which creates people. The proof is all around. I am interested to explore, what causes an Indian mind to think of individual honesty larger than system. Are Hindu religious beliefs the reason for such a view ? Asceticism and renunciation have always appealed to Indian mind.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our educated class !

This is the response I posted on a healthcare discussion

Anup - The reason to bother is I live here and I am not prepared to lead a pathetic life any more. I want a good life. I want it here in India and I want in my life time. For many years I have been questioning myself why as a country we are so pathetic. When I worked abroad I found people to be same as what I found in India. In fact now I see ordinary Indians more hardworking than people in west. I have come to conclusion that root of the problem is we as Indians have never realized what citizenship means. We have never understood what freedom means. We all somehow believe that the country will be magically run where as we go without lives. The middle class view is that country is a private organization from where they expect services without contributing anything. Even NR Murthy only complains ! Blame it on politicians is the mantra. This is proven with large scale support of Anna Hazare which represents the mentality- I will not contest elections but I want my lokpal. A muddled thinking can only see a lokpal to work. A rational brain would have questioned more on root causes.

The second problem was our socialistic structure which has destroyed the markets. It has made life miserable for every Indian- be it rich or poor.If we have to change we have to attack the following areas - middle class apathy towards politics and socialism. To tackle socialism one has to understand real capitalism. Unfortunately Indians have always identified capitalism with crony capitalism only. I remember Harshad Mehta was a role model for many in my younger days.This is because we have been never been taught of what real capitalism is. Educated people also get very hurt when told that they don't understand citizenship and what capitalism is all about. Alberuni has rightly told about haughtiness of Indians. I know all and I am not prepared to listen to anyone is our philosophy. I write all this not with pleasure but with experience of last 3 years in convincing people of changing India.

FTI ( is about reclaiming India. This is our country. We cannot close our eyes and expect things to change. We need to act in the right direction to get the country realize its full potential. It is slow process but the right process.

I have digressed a lot. But the reality is India's healthcare cannot be reformed unless you reform India. India ancient health care philosophy also views the body as whole. You cannot really cure diseases in isolation. The same is with healthcare.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lokpal reservations bizarre

It seems there will be reservations in lokpal. This is bizarre and beats all logic. Why would you want reservations in lopkal ? You may want the best justice to come out. Lokpal itself is unnecessary and over that you make this a quota based system. Looks like there are going to good number of government jobs created and every one wants a share of it. And you thought this was about justice.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Freedom and Accountability

Freedom and accountability remain the basic principles for any society to prosper. Disturb one of them and you pay the price. Europe and America forgot about accountability with crony capitalism. They are in deep trouble today. Middle East did not have freedom. Dictators are being throw out. China and Russia will pay the price for not having freedom in coming days. India does not value both freedom and accountability and is paying the price with poor governance in all areas. Indians do not value real freedom. The only route to prosperity for Indians is to make freedom and accountability as core principles.